About Us

Welcome all travellers small and large. We are a Team of people who enjoy overland trips in our 4×4 cars.
A little while ago we have had the idea to take abroad people who are interested in exploring the world, love adventure and the spirit of travel.
4x4zone is owned by Marcin Burzynski, a resident in England for over 7 years. This is an important fact, for not only is your tour guide ‘multi-lingual’, he is also ‘multi-cultural’. This is essential when touring abroad, especially Eastern Europe. As stated elsewhere within this site, Eastern Europe is totally safe and secure if you know the customs and ways of the countries you’re visiting. Not every tour operator can say the same.

There is a few of us. Each of us is a specialist in different area. But what unites us is a passion for the Off Road and adventures. For over 15 years associated with tourism, extreme sports, climbing, Off Road. Participated as drivers or co-drivers of tourism and extreme 4×4 events. Visited various parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. We know what Sahara heat and cool air in Siberia is. After many years our paths have merged. Our forces were united. And so we are 4x4zone Team. We offer you all our experience gained over the years, our knowledge, the desire for adventure. With such a team, each trip will be an adventure of your life.


From the youth interested in tourism. Mostly walking. After this he started in orienteering events and marathons. Organizer survival and integration events. About 15 years ago, switched to a 4×4 vehicle. Mainly participated in the expedition and challenge events. And so it has remained until today.
Ham operator and specialist communications systems. Connection Ham Radio and Off Road communication has given him the opportunity to take almost anywhere.


Our beautiful part of 4x4zone Team. Photographer, traveller. She knows what we don’t know. With us from the beginning. She is like a treasure.


First time soaked in off-road-mud while doing army service in Land 110. Then focused also on other outdoor activities such as: mountain biking, trekking, hiking… Great leader, promoter, guide and organiser of adventurous events. Didnt show my best yet…

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