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Any experience in 4×4 vehicles is welcome. It is understood that each owner of his/her 4×4 knows how to use the four-wheel-drive system (difflock/high & low ratio gears). Taking into account the characteristics of route, we can safely say the Vampire4x4Tours broadens the skills of each driver.

But don’t worry, it is a family holiday, not an extreme rally. Drivers of modified 4×4’s will of course already be well aware of their vehicle’s handling and capabilities.


Because each day we spend a certain amount of miles on the road – or ‘off it’ even – it is advisable not to have just one driver. Although not compulsory, we strongly recommend that at least two people in the car possess a full driving license.


There is no problem with travelling to Romania as the European motorway network extends well beyond Central Europe. The easiest way to get there and back is the A3 motorway from Brussels, Bonn, Frankfurt, Lintz, Vienna, Budapest and Oradea.

The entire route from Dunkirk to Sub de Piarta is about 1300 miles. Route proportion looks like this: 80% motorway, 20% of the remainder A and B class roads. Unfortunately, the worst part of the route is in Romania itself. It counts for about 150 miles of the journey, so 4-5 hours needs to be devoted to it.

Therefore, the recommended tried & tested itinerary is to leave the ferry at Dunkirk in the very early hours so that you can get to Hungary in one day, then leave the next day for the final run to Piatra Sub.

Please also remember about speed limits on motorways and tolls (Vignette) for motorways.


Crews will arrive 11.00pm Friday at the hotel. Crews arriving earlier will be checked-in and given all the materials and instructions associated with the event.

Other crews will be able to check-in on Saturday from 8.00am to 9.00am.

If you have any problems with getting the start in a specified period (failure of the car, late for the ferry, etc.) the crew is required to inform the organiser.

On Saturday at 9:30am crew briefing takes place together with a meeting relating to the rules and regulations, routes and events.

Before the start, each crew must produce documents related to the vehicle (MOT, Insurance, Green card – if applicable) and driver’s license. None of these documents will be excluded from participation in the event without reimbursement (See Rules).

After this meeting the crews are released on route.

If you have any questions about the equipment, luggage or clothes that you would like to take with you, then simply contact us. We will provide as much help as possible.

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