TransGeorgia 4×4 Tour

logo_gruzja“When God apportioned the Earth to all the peoples of the world, the Georgians arrived late. The Lord asked them why they were tardy. The Georgians replied that they had stopped on the way to drink and raise their glasses in praise of Him. God was so pleased with their response that He gave the Georgians the part of the Earth that He had been reserving for himself. “

Visit Georgia with us in TransGeorgia 4×4 Tour and confirm that this legend is indeed true.

A land of endless wonders, unspoilt by modern tourism and still retaining its authentic character.  The towering Caucasus Mountains forming the border between Europe and Asia. In this mystical land you will be captivated by a thrilling blend of eastern enigma and western elegance. The traditions of the East and West meet in Georgia to form a culture unlike any other in the world.

During 20 days (inc. transfer and return to UK ) you see:

Tour specification:
about 1200 miles in Georgia (35% offorad, 65% onroad),
Accommodation in wild camps and 4 nights in hostels.
Self catering

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