TransMongolia 4×4 Expedition

Hello Everyone
Maybe you know that we are prepared to organize TransMongolia 4×4 Expedition. It will be at June-July 2016.
But now, before all paperwork and official booking form, we are creating list all teams which want to join us.
Below is URL link to fill the form.×4-expedition-pre-booking-form/
Please fill it if you want to be a part of this expedition and discover amazing places.
This is first step befor we will ask you for booking form.
If you have more questions please fell free ask .
If you have Facebook or Tweeter you can read all future updates about our event.

Marcin Burzynski
4x4zone Team



TransMongolia Overland Expedition

This trip is not for everyone. If you count the total distance in kilometers it is not so far away. But if you count it in days of arduous driving and throw in the difficulties you’ll encounter along the way like mosquitoes, flies, the monotony of the landscape through Siberia it is a trip for the persistent and the resilient traveller only.

Join us and have some fun!Mongolia is a land of emptiness, space and tranquillity. A place where nature is king.

4x4zone Team


The route is about 24000km. The whole thing is ridden by the organizer and tested for safety. The expedition begins in England. Then we drive through Europe all together in a convoy to the border of the Latvian-Russian.
There leave Europe and start a fight against time, terrain, fatigue, and other unimportant things. Our most important place where we get a Novosibirsk in Rosjii. Tour event in Mongolia as well as the return route from Novosibirsk, each participant will receive a file you described and will be able to upload to the GPS receiver. Back to Irkutsk is the main road, it is about 10000km. Getting to Nowosybiska from London is about 10 days of riding. Tour events that will be implemented jointly, was divided into three stages.

The second stage of the event is part of the travel, so this cream when you go that far. Then dive into the beautiful Altai, go along the beautiful river Katun and then you feel. The Altai we enter into Mongolia, where you run out of asphalt, 90% of the roads that we will overcome this field roads or off-road. The route passes through Mongolia, first by her northern border. We’ll see Mongolian Altai, salt lakes, volcano Khorgo, hidden in the mountains Tovhon convents, and monasteries Amaybayasgalant Kharakorin and Shanhe, Ulan Batar also visit, and most of all visit the beautiful desert of Gobi. Thus, beyond the eastern frontiers, will drive almost the whole Mongolia. Then we head to the border of Russia and go over Lake Baikal. Along the way, we have a beautiful Buddhist monastery in Iwołdze. The entire second phase will be characterized by so much in the car seat. Day we started about 8-9 in the morning (local time) and the ride ended around 17-18 this afternoon. Stops will be much longer, but we will not one day off from driving. This
stage is about 3000km and will take about 18 days.

The third stage of the event to return to England. Return shall take place in accordance
with the driving mode of the first stage.

The exact detailed trip plan will be available for participants.

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