World War II – Memorial Tour

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World War II is one of the cruelest times in our history. There aren’t many people around who lived in those times. But those who are still alive try to forget or they don’t want to remember WWII.

Before the Allied Invasion, in Poland many civilians dies or were deported to the death camps. We want to give you a chance to discover Poland and show you lots of places associated with  WWII.
Our Memorial Tour starts in Westerplatte. The ship Schleswig-Holstein fired the first shots of World War II when she fired at the Polish base at Westerplatte in the early morning hours of 1 September 1939.
During Tour we visit a few death and concentration camps. We explore hidden Hitlers’ and Himmlers’ base in Mazury Lake District.
At the end, we take you to the biggest underground fortification in Europe and many interesting places and attractions located in Poland.
Don’t think that we offer only an on road tour as many places which we visit, we can only drive off road. But don’t worry our event  trips are for anyone, without the fear of destroying their car.

If you are interested in join us, but you aren’t an owner of 4×4 car, we will give you a chance to be part of our team.
Please contact us and we can offer you the best option for you.

Maximum numbers of participants – 8/10 teams/cars

During World War 2 – Memorial Tour you visit:

Gdynia, Gdansk, Westerplatte, Frombork, Hitler’s Wolfsschanze (Wolf’s Lair) Headquarters, German Army Headquarters in Mamerki, Pozezdrze (Himmler Headquarter), Wizna (Battle of the Wizna), Warsaw, The Warsaw Rising Museum, Kutno (Battle of the Bzura), Checiny, Oswiecim – Auschwitz concentration camp, Klodzko, Owl Mountains, Hitler’s Forgotten Bunkers (Project Riese) , Ksiaz castle, The concentration camp Gross-RosenCamps in Zagan, Krzystkowice (Alfred Nobel Dynamit Factory), Międzyrzecz Fortification Region and a lots of  more … 



Movie about the most daring prisoner escapes took place during World War II in Zagan (Poland)

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